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Cellar Cooling

Forest UK's high quality cellar cooling systems have been selected to meet the increasing demands from adverse weather conditions, low noise output and to be aesthetically pleasing when sited. We have selected products from the leading manufacturers taking into consideration quality, functional design, environmental impact and value, without compromise.

Our systems are individually specified for each cellar calculated based upon a number of factors. Forest UK's design and consultancy team will calculate your requirements as a result of our site survey. Once you have accepted our quotation, our qualified and experienced installation team will install and commission your new system and ensure your original specification is achieved.

Replace Existing Equipment

If your existing equipment is in poor condition, safe removal and approved environmentally safe disposal is available when purchasing equipment from Forest UK.

We can also provide a site survey to assess your existing equipment and advise if only certain components are required. If requested, we will only replace the parts of the system required to operate to provide a solution quickly and without unnecessary expense.

Please contact us for further details, current pricing and availability information or to arrange a site survey.

Cellar Cooling:

Forest UK supply high quality cellar cooling systems to suit every customers' requirement.