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Warranty Service Agreement

Please contact Gram head office on 01322 616900 and request your copy of the Gram Service Warranty Agreement. Please find below details on how Gram Service operates.

Gram Service Warranty Call Procedure

Warranty Call Request received by your helpdesk operative who must ensure that the cabinet carries a valid warranty and that the fault is a genuine warranty fault (i.e. not incorrect use or interruption of the power supply or a blocked condenser).

Your helpdesk operative places warranty call by e-mail or fax to Gram Service including the following details.

Cabinet serial number
Model number
Description of the fault including any error codes.

We also require the complete site address including contact on site, a landline telephone number, and site access times including any details of restrictions.

Gram Service will confirm by automatic system e-mail the receipt of the warranty call-out. At this time the job will be given a unique reference number and notification that the engineer will call within 48 hours (9.00am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday, excluding Bank Holidays).

Your helpdesk operative should not check the progress of call outs until after the 48 hours have elapsed and after you have confirmed with the venue that the callout has not been attended. In cases where the call has not been attended, please chase the call via e-mail detailing our GW Reference number, and we will advise you accordingly. All chasing must be done by your helpdesk and not the venue / end user. The majority of warranty calls will be completed and at this stage an automatic system generated e-mail will be sent to confirm that the job is now closed. Please note that this e-mail will rarely arrive within 48 hours as this is triggered on submission of the worksheet from the engineer.

Non Warranty Fault Found - Chargeable

If the warranty call is diagnosed as a fault not covered by the Gram Warranty, any remedial action not requiring parts will be undertaken when the engineer is on site (e.g. the cleaning of a blocked condenser). When the Job sheet is returned to Gram Service, the job status is changed on the system which will generate an automatic e-mail to state that the job is now chargeable. This e-mail will contain the value of the subsequent invoice. An invoice will be sent from Gram to the value previously notified (Gram Standard Terms and Conditions Apply).