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Information Technology

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For information about our IT capabilities and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our IT department on:

01254 583678


Information Technology

Forest UK employs a team of experienced IT professionals based at our Headquarters in Blackburn. This enables us to cater for our customers' specific IT requirements without any disruption to our operations.

Using market leading hardware and software, our systems are fully integrated allowing us to access accurate information from anywhere, at any time.

NAVMAN Wireless Vehicle Tracking

Each vehicle within the Forest Group fleet is fitted with the market leading NAVMAN Wireless tracking system providing our service team with instant locations of each vehicle maximising efficiency.

Specific Requirements

Each of Forest UK's customers differs from their method of call placement, to their individual KPI reporting requirements. Our IT department can discuss your specific requirements and develop our systems to best suit yours.

Constant Review:

We can meet your IT requirements. Our systems are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure compliance with the latest Legislation and Technology.