Proud of our Group Service Manager

As a family business, providing the best possible work-life balance to our team is a top priority and our high levels of staff retention demonstrate our commitment to this. We are very proud to display significant milestones on our office wall to remind everyone how strong the Forest Group family is.

In 2020, our Group Service Manager Sarah Pendlebury passes 17 years. Sarah’s unwavering commitment and dedication throughout almost 2 decades has been at the core of why we are the market leader and her continual search for perfection ensures we always over deliver on our promises. As the business has grown, Sarah has developed a very strong and capable Team to support her.

As a family, we have often told Sarah how brilliant she is, and her response has always been exactly the same, “oh shut up” with a well hidden smile.  

So, it’s about time we put it in writing, Sarah, thank you, you are brilliant and we are very proud of you!